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Life As College Athlete Program


Life As a college athlete


In this program, you talk with a college/pro athlete mentor about their time as a college athlete. This will help prepare developing athletes succeed as freshman and get a better understanding for what they can do to be ahead of the rest of their freshman class.

This program is also great for developing athletes that want a better understanding of what college athletics is like.

  • Questions you should be asking before your freshman year of college?

    • Is being a college athlete right for my daughter?

    • What does being a college athlete look like?

    • What is the school, practice, social life balance?

    • What I wish I knew before playing college athletics

    • Do I have time to be a part of clubs or internships?

    • 1-on-1 Personal Mentor Phone Sessions

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Session With A Mentor

Starting $50

Get an introduction to the mentor program, we match the developing athlete up with a perfect mentor to discuss specific topics.

This also can be used as extra time with a mentor on specific programs to help with clarity, specifics and other topics the developing athlete wants more time with.

1-on-1 Personal Mentor Phone Sessions


 How It Works

An Mpowher Program for you and your daughter (through personalized call sessions) where we all work together to develop young female athletes.



Have An Athlete Recommend the Best Program For You (FREE)

Step 2

Purchase A Program (Money Back Guarantee)

Step 3

Get Matched With A College/Pro Athlete

Step 4

Complete your daughter’s personalized program

Step 5

Watch your daughter develop

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