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Ways to Make a difference

1) Support women’s athletics every chance we have by posting, blogging, or just cheering.

2) Be bold, proud & strong enough to stand up and realize it’s our responsibility to change the gender norms and create norms that we can all be proud of.

3) Be proud to spread the message, support and willingness to shape the future of women’s athletics by wearing Mpowher Athlete Apparel. It’s half price to make this happen. Use discount code: MVP50 for your initial purchase.

4) Make time available to influence developing athletes. (coaching, mentoring, talking)

5) Become a mentor in the Mpowher Athlete Advantage Program (Coming Soon)

6) Mention @mpowherathlete in an insta story letting your network know you are an important part of the Mpowher Athlete Influencer team.

7) Work with Mpowher to use your influence to change the culture around female athletics.

8) Tag 5 athletes/teammates on one of our instagram posts.

9 ) Stay conscious of the fact that WE are part of the 2%.

10) Add "@mpowherathlete influencer" to your bio.

11) Be bigger than yourself and leave something behind for the future.

Because we are behind you, here is a little something to reward your courage!

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