“One who helps redefine and shape the future of women’s athletics.”

What is the mission of an Mpowher Athlete Influencer?

We are redefining and shaping what it means to be a female athlete. We don’t fit a particular mold. We are fierce and feminine. We are competitive and compassionate. We are strong and beautiful. We are bold and it’s time to stand up and set an example for the world. We are ATHLETES.

What it means to be an Mpowher Athlete Influencer?

To make an impact on society. We break stereotypes of how female athletes should be perceived. We set the example of what it ACTUALLY means to be a female athlete! We are changing the narrative by being authentically us. We are our own type of athlete. 

Why is becoming an Mpowher Athlete Influencer important?

Being an athlete has shaped our lives. Athletics has helped us stand out in our communities and become role models for many young athletes. We have a platform, an audience and a voice, it’s our responsibility to use it to change the culture around female athletics!

We understand how large of an undertaking this is, that’s why Mpowher Athlete has started the Influencer team. We now have an opportunity to write this narrative together. Let’s stand up and make our voices heard.

Our platform has created the opportunity for us to set an example and lead the next generation. Let’s grow something bigger than ourselves. . . . If we don’t. . . . who will?

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Let’s Write Our Own Ending!

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