Mpowher Movement

National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Feb 6th (WED) is quickly approaching… it’s a GREAT opportunity to bring awareness to the disparity of respect, media coverage, as well as salaries, among female athletes everywhere.

We are the 2%, let's facilitate this movement.

This will help challenge the public perception around female athletes and women's athletics. 

Let’s show the world how many of us played sports, and are proud to have played. We have earned and deserve the respect.

We challenge ALL current, former, and young future athletes, to show the world who we are!

On February 6th (next Wednesday)

1) Post a picture of you playing your sport

2) Tag @mpowherathlete and at least 3 current/former athletes

3) Use the hashtag #NGWSD and #mpowherathlete

4) Suggested Caption: In honor of #NGWSD I want to bring some attention to the disparity in media coverage, salaries and support among female athletics. I am an @mpowherathlete and I support my fellow athletes. Let's band together and highlight the respect ALL athletes have earned.  Join together, support each other, and close the gap! #mpowherathlete Tag at least 3 current/former athletes

I Will Post on Instagram (Feb 6th) *
I Will Post on Instagram (Feb 6th)