Local Community Chapters

Along with our online community, connect with other former collegiate and pro athletes in your area. We are developing local community chapters that meet up to socialize, workout and participate in exclusive events and functions. 

Friends are welcome!


Benefits of Local Chapters

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We workout together, attend various workout + group classes, go on team runs, and participate together in fitness events. 

  • Team Runs
  • Hikes
  • + More
  • Fitness Classes
    • Bootcamp
    • Yoga


Get together with a group of likeminded women, who not only sweat together but hangout together.

  • Social Sport Leagues
    • Kickball, Volleyball, etc.
  • Meet-ups
  • Coffee Meets/ Brunch
  • + Much More

Begin a local community near you? 

We are a Start-Up that is growing quickly. Bring a Local Chapter to a city near you. Reach out for more information on how to start up a chapter in your area. We will put you in touch with other local athletes.

Current Local Chapters:


Boston, MA