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Mpowher Athlete Advantage

We are 2000+ College and Pro Athletes

We teach young athletes the skills and knowledge of what it takes to be confident, to lead, to achieve her goals, to succeed, in sports and in life…through the online Mpowher Athlete Programs


Invest In Your Daughters Future : REASONS

She Needs a female influence from strong, confident + successful Athletes

Everyone knows that being a female athlete is different than being a male athlete. Align yourself with female collegiate/pro athletes that understand the challenges


Mpowher Athlete Programs



  • Answer your questions about recruiting

  • Going through the recruiting process

  • What is the appropriate age to start the recruiting process?

  • How do I know if my daughter will be good enough to get recruited

Strength + Nutrition

  • When should my daughter begin strength training?

  • Fundamentals of great sports nutrition

  • The importance of strength training

  • Why you should start focusing on nutrition now

Pillars of An Athlete

  1. Unapologetic Confidence

  2. Lead the Team

  3. Setting and Accomplishing Goals

  4. Attitude to Succeed

  5. Learn to Compete

  6. Sports Psychology

  7. Develop strength of character

  8. Necessity of emotions

Life in the day of a college athlete

  • Is being a college athlete right for my daughter

  • What does being a college athlete look like

  • What are the time commitments of being a college athlete

  • school, practice, social life balance

Meet the Mpowher Mentors:

Exclusively female college and pro athletes, armed with the experience of what it takes to succeed, as an athlete, in today’s world.


Knowledge to SUCCESSFULLY compete

Sports Psychology | Recruiting | Goal Setting | Confidence | Leading | Compete | Strength Training | Attitude | Life as a College Athlete | Nutrition | Character | Life + Athletic Balance |

Athletics is evolving quickly. Are you prepared for the future?

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Ask a Real Athlete ANY Question… for free

  • How do I train myself mentally?

  • How many hours should I be training?

  • What’s the best way to handle high pressure situations?

  • How do I get noticed by coaches?

  • How do I become the best leader?

A real athlete will get back to you in 24 hours