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 How It Works

An Mpowher Program for you and your daughter (through personalized call sessions) where we all work together to develop young female athletes.



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Purchase A Program (Money Back Guarantee)

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Get Matched With A College/Pro Athlete

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Complete your daughter’s personalized program

Step 5

Watch your daughter develop

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Mpowher Athlete Programs




Strength + Nutrition


Life in the day of a college athlete



Program Details


An initial phone session to get to know the athlete, explore and create goals for the program and set expectations.


After the developing athlete completes each part of the course they will review concepts, understanding and implementation in phone call sessions with their mentor. This one-on-one time ensures full attention to the athlete, her understanding of the concepts, and helping the athlete implement what she’s learned.


We encourage parents to be as involved as possible. It ensures that what is discussed and learned in the sessions can be better implemented and leads to more success. Increased parent involvement, support and participation, leads to greater retention and performance.