Why Every Athlete Should Be Watching The FIFA World Cup

At Mpowher Athlete, we stress the importance of supporting other athletes. And we have found that watching women play sports is one very impactful way we can support each other.

Because we are all current/former college athletes, we have a stage, an audience and a voice. We have the opportunity to set an example towards the women and men in our lives, that female sports have value. We have the power to influence the people in our lives.

We have found that watching, supporting, cheering, has the ability to set an example within our culture… that women’s athletics are just as important as men’s. Our behavior has the ability influence other people’s opinions on female athletics.


Over time, it could help increase air time on national television, increase coverage and ultimately increase importance throughout society. But it starts with us…. the athletes…supporting each other.

The world cup starts today, and we are encouraging all of our soccer fans and sports fans to talk about it, watch it and post about it. Show the world how important it is. Because it is important. So, so important.  

The USWNT has been on the cutting edge for fighting for women's rights through sports. They have pushed the envelope regarding the pay gap, gathering views, significance, and are one of the most impactful athletic groups of women in the United States heading our fight for equality.

The Mpowher Athlete Team will be watching them. Will you?

Mpowher’s numbers are growing fast, which means our voice and influence is growing. Mpowher is just starting to have the reach that can make an impact in our communities.

This is especially true, if we all work together towards the same goal. Let’s make this the most watched World Cup to date.

How to Watch the World Cup?

Fox Sports and Telemundo will provide live coverage for the games. For people wanting to watch it in English, head to Fox Sports website or their app. To watch in Spanish, check out telemundodeportes.com and the NBC Sports App.

You will need to have a TV subscription to watch. Login on the website/app using your username and password. Having a subscription to Hulu + LiveTV, YouTubeTV, or other streaming services will also give you access to the games.

When Does my Team Play?

The tournament starts today, June 7th and runs for 31 days.

Use FIFA’s Website to find when your team plays, and check out the entire schedule for the 2019 World Cup.

How Can I Watch for Free?

Free Trials.

Many providers including Hulu+LiveTV, DirectTV Now, YouTubeTV will let you try out their service for free for a week or so, and move on to the next free trial… This is assuming you haven’t used their free trials in the past. The USA first game is on Tuesday, June 11th.

You can also purchase the service for the time you need it.

What are Other Options to Watch?

Another option is to gather a group of friends and go watch one of the games at a bar! In our experience, this is the most fun option, especially as the tournament progresses. In the past we have gotten the entire bar engaged in the game, chanting, shouting, etc. The environment was legendary!

The last option is to gather your friends, just make sure one of them already has a TV Subscription, and go watch it at their house!