Impacting the Next Generation of Female Athletes

The transition after life as an athlete can be a difficult one, trying to find purpose while feeling lost in a sea of mediocrity. It can be difficult to not see yourself playing out on the court, field, or pool anymore. But as we look back on our athletic experience, we all remember our coach. Our coaches either made our experience or ruined it, but either way, that person was one of the most influential people in our lives. It is easy to understand that so many of us former college athletes dive back into the sport through coaching. But the real question is… why?  Is it because we are able to see a piece of us in each one of the girls, whether it be a girl learning a new move or completely committing herself to the game? Is it learning more about them as person and watching them develop? Or because as a coach, you grow with each player as they learn how to fail and succeed.


“I love growing the sport and helping young women feel confident on and off the field” — Micheala Taylor (Softball Coach)


We decided to ask the Mpowher Athlete Community what their favorite moments of coaching have been. Here was the response!


“To be able to give back and teach girls not just basketball skills, but also life lessons, has been a great blessing. There are way too many memories to choose from but just the opportunity to do what I do is and will be my most favorite memory of all time.” -Miranda Seto (Basketball Coach)


“My favorite moment was helping a young girl make a breakthrough on a new dive and seeing the biggest smile on her face when she did it! So rewarding!” -Danielle Repper (Diving Coach)


“It’s a great feeling knowing you have helped them and impacted their career.” - Carly DeMarco (Softball Coach)


“My favorite moment coaching these girls is watching them grow, not just as better players, but as better people too. Also, watching them create friendships that will last a lifetime and the joy this game brings them!" -Jessica Cook (Lacrosse Coach)


“The best part of coaching young players or young women is being able to share my passion for the game of soccer with them. Often I've been asked about my favorite soccer memory and when I think about this question it always comes back to my coaching experiences and not my own playing experiences.” - Lacey Day (Soccer Coach)

Though the “why I coach” is different for everyone... most coaches are driven by the fact that they are an influence in each athlete’s story. It is amazing to have so many strong women come back into the sport as such a positive influence that young girls can relate to. Thank you coaches for being role models, and sharing your love of the game to young athletes. You are truly giving them so much more than skill development, you're helping them develop their own passion for the game and teaching them intangibles that will last a lifetime.