4 Podcasts to Fuel Your Inner Competitor: Part II

A good podcast can drown out the buzz of the treadmill or liven up a summer road trip all while keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in sports. There’s no shortage of material if you’re looking for the classic bro-style talk radio covering men’s football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or soccer. But, if you want a podcast that follows the exploits of female athletes, or a less-than-mainstream sport, you need to do a little digging. We made it easy to get started. Here’s our list of podcasts to fuel and inspire your inner competitor. If you missed the first list you can find Part I here!


1.       Outside Magazine – This podcast isn’t strictly sports-focused, but its Dispatches tell the stories of outdoor adventures that happen beyond the playing fields and courts. If you’re into rock climbing, cycling, surfing, or hiking, or are interested in the natural world around you, you’ll learn plenty about the people who share your passion. A series of female-focused episodes, the XX Factor, are a great place to start - here’s a link to one that tells the history of the sports bra.

2.       Ultrarunner Podcast – Hosted by Editor-In-Chief Eric Schranz and Sarah Lavender Smith, this podcast profiles runners specializing in long distances and trail races. Schranz interviews several notable female endurance athletes, from Jackie Merritt to Ladia Albertson-Junkans, and also offers regular gear reviews. The most recent episode, “Positive Vibes from the Midwest,” features Jessa Hackman.

3.       LEO Training – Joe DeLeo welcomes a range of fitness professionals from orthopedic doctors to athletic trainers to competitors on his strength, conditioning, and health-focused podcast. LEO Training is specifically geared toward educating and improving the high-performance rowing community, though many of the topics are broadly applicable. Follow along to build a repertoire on everything from sports psychology to lower back injuries and prevention. For a great interview with triathlon legend Mark Allen, check out Episode 46, “Taming the Mind.”

4.       The Runner’s World Show – Regrettably, this podcast aired its last episode in September 2017, but it still offers a backlog of 70 episodes, each running between 45 and 60 minutes – just right for a session on the treadmill when you need to get out of the summer heat. Need an entry point? Try Deena Kastor’s “positivity talk” in Episode 59.

BONUS: 30 For 30 – A podcast by ESPN may not qualify as alternative sports coverage or particularly female-focused, but the current season breaks the mold and deserves an honorable mention. Narrating across five 30-45 minute episodes, Season 3 covers the life and career of Bikram Choudhury, famous for teaching and commercializing Bikram yoga. Listen in to learn about the start of a yoga dynasty in the US and Bikram’s eventual fall from grace following accusations of sexual assault. The in-depth story starts here.

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