Mpowher Athlete- The 2%

Mpowher Athlete- The 2%


Our influencers helped come up with this design idea to help promote and spread who we are to the world!


Only 2% of athletes make it to  the college level. Mpowher Athletes know what it means to be a collegiate athlete, know how much we sacrificed.

We understand why you were always tired. Understand how you woke up at 5 am everyday for weights, how you dragged through classes. How you gave everything you had for 3 hours of practice and film. Then had to figure out how to muster enough energy to study for your test the next day. And wake up and do it all again.

We get that you never had a day off. How you ate, slept, and breathed sport. It was living.

Why your only real friends were on the team, and how you became a family.

We can truly grasp what the word “competing” actually means. We know that you ran because your teammate messed up, we know that hearing your coach yell meant you weren’t digging deep enough. We know that you worked your ass off because it was your job.

We realize that every choice you made was under a microscope. How your every decision reflected your team, your coach, your school. Everyone was holding you accountable EVERYDAY!

Mpowher Athletes recognize what you have been through, how hard it was, how many countless hours you worked, how you persevered.

We understand that each drop of sweat and blood was EARNED.

We understand how athletics shaped you to be the person you are today. How it taught you to overcome adversity.

We know that your entire being was dedicated to sport, how much you sacrificed, and how you would do it all over again in a second.

People think they get it, but don't! They never will comprehend how it consumes your entire life.... how it becomes part of you.... how it is you! And how it will always be you.

You hear, “well, why did you do it then?”

We know why.

We did it for ourselves, we did it for our sport, we did it to be the best.... to be the 2%.

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