Finding Motivation to Workout Post Athletics

Many athlete’s take a fitness break after they retire from athletic competition. In the first 6 months to a year after retirement, many lose their drive to workout, experience a loss of purpose in regards to fitness, and lack the desire to get back to the gym. This is very normal, and the reasons are pretty simple


To get back into working out post athletics, athletes found that choosing a fitness style and gym was critical to their success of making fitness a routine again. Some athletes need a place to push them while offering a healthy dose of competition. When searching for a gym, each athlete will prefer different things.


There are a couple themes to keep in mind


In our experience, there are two common types of former athletes. Some value a team environment, with like-minded people, while others would rather be left to their own workout. The first type of person wants a space where they are surrounded by people with a common mindset (example: Crossfit + Orange Theory, etc.). The second type of person, values a gym that is convenient and worth visiting regularly (example: Equinox, Anytime Fitness, etc.) Choosing a gym that caters to your fitness desires will drastically improve your motivation to routinely workout.


Not all athletes enjoy group fitness, or personal trainers. But the athletes that value a team environment, tend gravitate to trainers who push them and are interested in their fitness success. Great examples to find this style of training are Bootcamp, HIIT, Crossfit, or cycling gyms. These types of environments emulate a team practice and the structure an athlete is accustom to. This creates a structure many retired athletes are missing and motivates them to workout consistently.


Enjoy The Workout:

This seems like a no brainer, but for many athletes this is a very hard transition. In college or while competing professionally, most athletes were pushed at a very high level, but not all athletes enjoyed their workouts. Former athletes now have the freedom to pick their workout routine.

Make sure the workouts you pick are enjoyable for you. If they are enjoyable, it will become a consistent part of your life because you will look forward to them. 


Try out as many gyms and workouts as you can find, especially if you just moved to a new area. Search locations that are close to work or home. Use this search to push your comfort zone. Try something that you would never try, who knows you might find something that you enjoy.


Quick Tip:  

Most gyms will offer free trial classes, or a trial period. (Many times you have to call, they don’t always advertise this on the website) Utilize this and get everything out of the free trial period. Don’t settle for a gym that doesn’t meet your competitive needs, find the one that fits you.

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