Am I Now Just Average?

I was at the peak of my game, I had perfected my skills and was flawless at this one thing. Then my eligibility ran out and the only choice was to give up or try to play overseas. My body was screaming “QUIT, I can’t take this anymore!” Meanwhile my mind was yelling “come on, let’s give this a go”… Needless to say my body won out and my mind had to take a backseat.

I now have this feeling that I have never dealt with before. Previously, I could pinpoint exactly who I was, what I was doing, and where I should be. I was recognized as the best, even if it was just in my own small world… but now I am merely average. Each new activity I try I find that I lose interest in because it just doesn’t seem to fit. I’m not the best, but I was so used to being the best, I don’t know what this means. How do I live in the world where I am not perfect or the best at something? How far have I slid?

Am I now just average?

Sometimes since I am out of practice, I find that even that one thing I was once the best at, the one thing I could hang my hat on... I can’t even do well.



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