Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight is extremely simple, right? All you have to do is create a calorie deficit? Honestly, losing weight is not as much of a linear process as we might hope, but overall, yes by creating a calorie deficit you may lose weight.

First, you have to find out how many calories you are burning a day (Calorie Counter) and either burn more calories than that number (aka workout, increase activity, etc) or consume less than that number (aka. eat less). A mixture of both seems to be the most effective. But how do we get there? Are there some tools that can help bridge the gap?

One of those tools might be in something you are already drink every morning. Coffee!


Coffee has been said to help you feel more full. The question is, is this true?

Others state that it’s actually just the caffeine in coffee that speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. Can coffee actually increase your metabolism? Find out here.

Does drinking coffee help you consume less throughout the day, by reducing your appetite?

Your appetite varies depending on many different components, but drinking coffee, (caffeinated or decaf) may reduce your levels of hunger.

Studies show that it is actually compounds within the in coffee, that decreases hunger, not caffeine.

When reaching for your next cup of Joe, reach for decaf. Decaf coffee is the most effective at acutely decreasing hunger and increasing the satiety hormone PYY.

Can coffee help you lose weight?

If done properly, coffee may help aid in reducing hunger and acts as an appetite suppressant. Many people who follow an intermittent fasting lifestyle, will use coffee as an aid during their intermittent fasting period.

Biggest mistakes that athletes make when using coffee for weight management...

Coffee can encourage weight gain if it’s not consumed properly. Here are the most common mistakes that coffee lovers make.


1) Drinking coffee too late in the day:

The caffeine in coffee may disrupt healthy sleep if it’s consumed too late in the afternoon. We all know how important sleep is for recovery and proper sleep may help regulate ghrelin (the hunger hormone). Caffeine can stay in our system for up to 8 hours. Make sure you are aware of this when consuming any caffeinated beverage.

  • Summary: Be aware of what time you decide to have your last cup of Joe.

2) Drinking your favorite coffee drink:

You should be wary of coffee based drinks (frappuccinos, lattes, etc)  as most of them are packed with sugar and fat. Try drinking your coffee black or with healthy additions like a small amount of half and half, almond milk, stevia, etc.

  • Summary: Drink coffee black, or with a small amount of a healthy sweetener.

3) Having a bagel with your coffee:

Coffee does have a reputation to be paired with bagels and pastries. These calorie dense foods may lead to weight gain and completely counteract the point of drinking the coffee.

  • Summary: Drink coffee by itself or pair it with protein and healthy fat (like eggs) and it may help reduce your appetite.

What is the most effective way to drink coffee without gaining weight?

The most effective way to use coffee to your advantage is to drink it black. I know that’s not what most athletes want to hear, but to use it to curb hunger, you can counteract it, by adding calories with flavoring, cream and sugar. You would be better off not drinking it at all. Minimize your risk of gaining weight with coffee by limiting added sugar.

Most Effective Method:

People can utilize coffee by drinking it black in the morning to aid in curbing appetite. This may make it easier to start consuming food later on in the day, thus reducing calorie consumption.

QUICK TIP: if you have previously not been drinking black coffee, understand that this will be a process. Start weaning your way off of your favorite sweetener, day by day.