Why Do Athletes Love HIIT?

Athletes have an advantage, let’s start using it.

As athletes, we understand our bodies and our minds to a different degree because of college/pro sports.

We pushed ourselves to the absolute limit, we understand how we function and what motivates us to be successful.

Not everyone knows that about themselves yet… we have a huge advantage, so let’s start using it.

At Mpowher Athlete, we try to provide specific information based around our athletic tendencies to help all of us be the most successful. Let’s use this information to be more consistent, effective and create more enjoyment.

What is the best fitness/nutrition routine for athletes?


Many athletes or former athletes, will start/create a fitness plan or nutrition plan and will stop before they would like to…. due to injury, lack of consistency, lack of enjoyment, etc.

At Mpowher Athlete, we believe most diets and fitness plans have the ability to get you in shape, but the enjoyment, consistency and long term success depends on how well it matches to that athlete’s mentality and physicality.

We surveyed our former athletes in the Mpowher Athlete Community, and found that 55% percent favored HIIT workouts.

So we asked... why HIIT? And as an Mpowher Athlete, should it be your go to workout?

Why do many athletes gravitate to HIIT workouts?

To compete in high level athletics, there is a very specific mentality of how we trained and how we were rewarded.

We had to give 110% effort at all times, in order to succeed.

This is what set us apart as successful athletes and it was how we were rewarded.

HIIT workouts closely emulate that type of mindset and effort level. Basically, that is why so many athletes are drawn to it.

It makes us feel really good about ourselves… because it rewards us in the same way we have been rewarded through athletics.

But does that have any correlation to the amount of athletes that struggle with consistently working out? Especially when you no longer have someone holding you accountable?

Should all athletes train using HIIT?

For many athletes, the HIIT mindset and type of workout is extremely rewarding and effective... I know I feel great after I finish kicking my ass in a workout.

But with the struggle of working out consistently among athletes on the rise, it’s important to discuss both sides… the good and the bad.

Let’s talk about what type of athlete HIIT was made for and what type of athlete might be more successful doing a different workout.   

What type of athlete will BENEFIT THE MOST from HIIT?

HIIT workouts lends itself to athletes who:

  1. Are obsessed about going to the gym + working out

  2. Has no problem with working out consistently

  3. Has a small workout window / wants to get the most effective workout in an allotted time

  4. Loves pushing themselves to the breaking point… both physically and mentally

  5. Doesn’t have any lingering injuries

This type of athlete will be the most successful with HIIT in the long term and will enjoy it to its full potential.

What type of athlete will benefit THE LEAST from HIIT?

HIIT workouts tend to not be as effective of a workout for athletes who:

  1. For athletes who are building muscle…(resistance training would be best for that)

  2. Wished they worked out more consistently

  3. Training for an endurance event (i.e. marathons, triathlons, etc.)

  4. Suffering from an injury (current or previously)

    1. HIIT workouts create a lot of impact on your joints and body

  5. Have a longer window to workout (more than 30-45 mins)

HIIT is extremely effective and is a perfect workout for certain athletes...personally, I’m not someone who likes doing HIIT all the time.

I enjoy HIIT on occasion when I really want to kick my ass and I’m excited to go to the gym.

I have found that I am much more consistent and prevent injuries with my current resistance training program and a little HIIT, yoga, and running sprinkled in.

Learn how I got a six-pack when I changed my entire mindset about working out.