How Chiropractic Can Help Athletes

As an athlete, pain always meant growth and strength and getting better.  Dealing with pain was the difference between playing and sitting on the bench. For me, as for most athletes, my sport was my identity so I dealt with the pain.


But when my career ended the pain didn’t stop. Instead, it continued to get worse. It wasn’t muscular pain anymore or a mental pain to push my body to limits I never thought I could; this pain was deep achy joint pains and horribly debilitating headaches. The type that keeps you from doing the things you love. I wasn’t able to play sports anymore, didn’t want to hike, (I love the mountains!) and I didn’t want to take my dogs on runs.  I tried many medications but nothing worked for me until I tried chiropractic.

Just because I was getting older didn’t mean I had to feel old. Medicine may help with feeling better but it didn’t stop the underlying cause of the pain. For me, chiropractic went to the source of the pain. It helped align my body so my nerves could flow properly and get information from my brain to my body. When I aligned my bones and decreased the muscle spasms in my body, this put me into a parasympathetic state. This is the rest and digest state, which is when our body is relaxed and can heal. I was constantly in a sympathetic state because the stressed and somewhat hectic world I live in. Even my posture sometimes takes a backseat in my daily life. Regular adjustments can:

  1. decrease pain

  2. increase range of motion

  3. increase posture

  4. increase power output

  5. increase coordination and motor movements

  6. decrease stress

If you are an active athlete, recovering retired athlete, a weekend warrior or anyone who has back or neck pain, chiropractic can play a role in your health, wellness, and active lifestyle.  Consider incorporating regular chiropractic care into your routine to achieve optimal results in your daily life and on the field.

Mpowher Athlete has partnered together with Jenn Flynn of the Mpowher Community. If you have any questions about chiropractic or want to learn more, please call/email her. She is ready to give insight and advice to anyone who wants to learn more.  If you live in the Dallas, TX area, all comprehensive exams and adjustments are between $30 - $35 until August 18th. After that date, just call the number below.

Phone Number: 801-440-0446 (call or text)