5 Foods That Have Way More Calories Than You Think

As athletes, we all learn about nutrition within athletics and that sets us above our peers. But our knowledge is so specific, that when we are put in an environment that no longer warrants that type of consumption, most of us will struggle... I know I did. Not until I started to grasp how many calories were in various foods, did I start being able to regulate my weight after I stopped competing. 

At Mpowher we don't promote counting calories, but it is important to understand how much food we are consuming and how many calories are in it. Try tracking your food for a week in an app or notebook, this process will open your eyes to how much you are actually eating and how many calories are in various foods. I would consider myself a very nutritious person, and the results of this little experiment shocked the hell out of me. I was eating healthy food, but way too much of it. Tracking my food for a week, helped me understand what I was consuming.

Throughout this process, these were 5 foods that shocked me the most....