Find Your True Self

Who are you away from your team? Without that university’s sport and number written across your chest.  I remember the feelings and emotions that ran through my mind after college. 

 To be honest, I felt nervous and I was lost. I had no idea what my future held or what I was going to do, therefore I was constantly stressed and I lacked confidence. 

 I struggled as I was trying to figure out who I was away from my sport that I devoted 17 years to. Not only that, but I was trying to figure out who I was away from the army of 25 girls who I spent my last four years with every single day. 

 These girls had my back, supported me and lifted me higher. But actually, who am I? 

 It took me a long time to get over that mentality, but I finally had an epiphany that now I can be anyone I want to be and do anything I want to. I honestly don't have any limitations. 


 There definitely is some stability in figuring out who you are and what you want to do, but the opportunity of doing anything is exciting… and also terrifying. But let’s focus on the exciting part. 

 Unlike when I was competing, I now have the time and opportunity to do anything I want. I can travel the world, move to a new city, write a book, you name it! Being an athlete this is inherently difficult, because not knowing what we want is a new experience.  

 Here are the steps I used to find my true self & gaining confidence along the way so that I can live an abundant confident life. 

 Step 1: Figure out what lights you up

Really dive into what you love (hint: it can be more than one thing). What makes you excited? It can be as simple as a new workout, a yoga class, a favorite cup of coffee, a road trip, etc. Fill yourself up everyday by doing what you enjoy, big or small. Life is too short to not be fulfilled, so why not do what you love? Find your happiness for yourself, and not dependent on others. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled!

 Step 2: Gratitude

Take a second to really focus on what you currently have. Who or what in your life are you grateful for? Gratitude completely shifted my mentality in the next phase of my life and took all the pressure off.

 I was so caught up in the future, worried about what was to come or what someone else was doing. Gratitude can shift your mindset in a positive way. When you express your gratitude in your own life, you realize that you are not lacking anything and an abundance appears. Practice writing down your gratitude each day before you start your busy morning. 

 Step 3: Be present

You are exactly right where you need to be. Embrace it. Trust the process and just focus on right where you are. My coach in college always said “be where your feet are”. You can control right where you are, the energy, the emotions and actions, but you cannot control anything else outside of that situation. When you live in the present you just start to be. Just be. You’re fine!

 Step 4: Know Your Worth 

KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. This has been the biggest, life changing lesson I have learned post college. And I wish I knew it sooner. You are enough. How many times have you thought “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not smart enough for that” or “I’m not fast enough”? But what if, for once in your life, you stopped doubting yourself, and you changed all of the  “I’m not ___ enough” to “I am enough”. Because when you know your worth and you believe that you are enough and you are purposefully created just as you are today, amazing things can start to happen. Trust that you are one special human and you can do anything you put your mind to. Confidence levels will rise and you will become unstoppable. Know your worth, and do not settle for anything less!

 Trust the process, you are right where you need to be. Do what makes you excited, and celebrate the little things. Know your worth, what you deserve, and be confident that you can do anything you put your mind to. You deserve to live a life full of joy and happiness.