How To Stay Fit After Athletics End

Mental Shape:

The first step is admitting that we are no longer competing at a high level. We have transitioned or are currently transitioning to the “former athlete” title. Taking on this new identity can be a very difficult step to overcome. We are and will always be athletes, but our goals will have to change from what they once were. This change is a process and understanding that there will be high’s and lows is key to finding ourselves. Read other athlete’s retirement transition stories to hear how other athletes are working through this change. We are not alone and the insight to this shift is essential.

Nutritional Shape: 

athlete-leaning-on wall.jpg

Shifting our mindset from eating for an athlete, to eating for a healthy lifestyle, is a major adjustment. Recognizing this change will have a massive impact. It is no longer necessary to consume the calories we needed to perform at a high level.

Keys to begin focusing on a sustainable lifestyle include nutritional awareness, food quality, and food consumption. Understanding each of these areas will help make an easy nutritional transition. This is a major change and challenge for many athletes, but understanding the best way to eat to stay in shape and reading other athletes stories will help!

Fitness Shape:

Incorporating and modifying fitness to our new stage of life, is critical to maintaining a healthy weight. Shifting our focus from performance to lifestyle will create new goals and aspirations. Creating new goals, making fitness a priority, and changing up our workouts, will facilitate a healthy balance. Read more here about revolutionizing your workouts

Remember you’re not alone in this transition. Many athletes have and will make this transition in their own way. It is normal to feel a sense of loss and don’t be afraid to work through your transitional journey. It is a safe space for growth and learning.

Share your journey with the community, because it may help many athletes transition through theirs. Read more athlete stories.

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