Top Fitstagramers That Will Motivate Any College Athlete

As college athletes, we are typically more fit than the classic fitness instagramer. So at Mpowher, we dug deep and found these top fitness grams that absolutely will either push you through a "college-like" workout or inspire the hell out of you. 


Massy Aris


One look at Massy's page and you will want to hit the gym! This badass athlete gets after it and offers some great exercises to try out. Massy doesn't stick to one style of training and contiually keeps it interesting. 



Chelsey Korus



Chelsey has dedicated her life to the practice of Yoga, and has been teaching since age 15. On Chelsey's feed you will find some captivating posses and holds in the most interesting of places.



Erin Simmons


Erin is a former Track & Field athlete and an Mpowher Athlete Influencer. Check out her page for new work outs and food tips. Look here for lots of running workouts.


Kaisa Keranen



Kaisa's goal is simple to "get you moving." She does just that with her feed. This former collegiate athlete will give you some great workouts to give a crack. Watch out they are very explosive! 


Amanda Bisk


Amanda is a former Pole Vaulter for the Australian National Team. She was forced to give up her dreams of competing in the Olympics because of injury. A topic many of us have had to face. Amanda changed the way she trained to combat her injury. On her page you will find new ways of exercise that she found helped her.


Claire P. Thomas


A former athlete for the University of Oregon and the 6-pack Queen! She is on a mission to be the best version of herself in every aspect of life and wants others to feel that way too. On Claire's page you will find many intense workouts and fun different exercises to try. 


Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault


Carol-Ann is a four time CrossFit Games Athlete. Check out her feed for some life updates as well as badass posts.