Just Strong

Just Strong


Inspired by: Brittany Bowles

Why did you choose this inspiration?

I chose this phrase because growing up, I would always be compared to "the boys." I would hear men, dads, boys comment on my weight lifting, my strong handshake, or how fast I could pitch a ball. They would always say, "wow, you are pretty strong for a girl." When I was younger, I held my head up with pride and said to myself "hell yeah I am!" I began getting sick and tired of being compared in every athletic sense to male counterparts. There was always some comment about how fast my average pitching speeds were compared to major league pitchers or how much I could bench press in college. I never understood why people think ONLY of males as athletes and males being the set standard to compete with. I have always wanted to say to others: I am not strong for a girl...I am just strong!

Who is Brittany Bowles?

Brittany Bowles grew up in Palm Beach Gardens, in sunny south Florida. Her love for sports developed when she was just a few years old. She had previously been introduced to soccer and basketball, when she found her forever love and passion in softball. She found this sport to be exhilarating, quick paced, and filled with fun, loving, and competitive athletes. There was something about the camaraderie and bond in team sports, this truly drew her in. She was 2-time Player of the Year at Palm Beach Gardens High School, and inducted into the Hall of Fame in April of 2018.

She loved the process of coming home from school and finding stacks of college recruitment letters in her mailbox, waiting to be ripped open and read. Her heart initially fell for the University of Georgia Bulldogs and signed to pitch there in 2008. She then decided the best move for her career, would be to transfer to the University of South Florida, which she planned to help lead her to the U.S. Olympic National Team; life took a different and unexpected turn. Softball was a sport that was removed from the Olympic Games in 2012 (her graduation year).

From there she decided that it was best to begin her working career. She spent her early 20's working in sports for both the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies. She began realizing her craving to do more for people. Brittany made a career change and jumped back into schooling. In August of 2019 she will complete her Masters in Occupational Therapy, in the Rehabilitation Sciences department at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She cannot wait to continue to work as part of a team in order to reach common goals while helping others achieve the best quality of life they possibly can. 

What cause did you choose to give back to?

National Alliance on Mental Illness (Details in pictures)

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