She Did

She Did


Inspired by: Karyn Wright

Why did you choose this inspiration?

The reason I chose “SHE DID” is growing up I was always “too short” or “too small” to be a pitcher. Then I was “too small” to be a D1 pitcher. I was told by coaches and recruiters that I could play D3 or maybe D2. I beat the odds by not only getting a scholarship to a D1 program, but I started as well as making the record book under 12 different categories. I believed I could and I did. This shirt can represent young female athletes growing up like I did being told I couldn’t do something or couldn’t be the athlete I wanted to be. On graduation day on my cap I had a softball with the quote “she believed she could, so she did” written around it. I stick to that quote and I think many young athletes can also relate.

Who is Karyn Wright?

Karyn played softball for 16 years and owes her life to the sport. She grew up watching her older sister play softball and wanted to be like her and be on the field. When she first started pitching the strike zone was a foreign concept and she was never remotely close, yet when her family would ask how she did, she would confidently say, “I did great!”

She always remembered those moments and carried that passion she had for the game throughout her career and life. She was a 4 year varsity starter in high school, winning the LA city championship game her senior year. Karyn received a scholarship to play D1 softball at Portland State University. She was a part of the 2013 Big Sky championship team her freshman year, appearing in the Portland State record book under 12 different categories, and making lifelong memories with lessons she will never forget that translate off the field. Being a part of many softball programs and teams has shaped her into the confident, composed, and competitive person she is today. She is currently working on her Doctorate for Physical Therapy at the University of Utah.

What cause did you choose to give back to?

El Camino Real Charter High School (Details in pictures)

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